Inspiring Moms to Thrive in the Beauty & Chaos of it All


The mental load and emotional labour of motherhood has mothers feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in the midst of doing it all. How do you add more to your plate when it's already SO full? How do you keep it all together when you feel like you're falling apart?

When nothing is going as planned, tiny humans are crying and clinging on to you, and your patience is hanging on by a thread, what are you feeling? Overwhelmed. Angry. Doubtful. Stressed. Alone. 

The demands of modern motherhood are heavy and really intense at times. But, at the same time, the magic and beauty of being a mom sits right in the middle of it all.

Relief comes when you realize you can do ANYTHING, but you can’t do everything. 

Peace comes when you release the guilt and know that your presence is enough.

Your strength as a mother is in who you are, not how much you do. 

And this is the heart and soul of The Calm Mama Method™.​

A unique program devoted to transforming overwhelm into calm control so you can thrive in motherhood and life as a whole with power and grace. 

The Calm Mama Method™ is for you if you want to calm your stress, tension and doubts so you can feel centred, connected and confident. If you feel in your gut that this might be exactly what you need, book in a call with me. We'll chat to uncover the support you need and discover if The Calm Mama Method™ is the right step for you. 


Sindy Shin | CALM MAMA™

"It's time we have an honest conversation about the mental and emotional load on mothers who are struggling to manage it all so we can escape mommy burnout and thrive with more ease, peace and joy."