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Why Moms are Feeling Alone in The Daily Struggles of Motherhood

Hey Mama. How has this week been for you?

For me, this week started off great and then, with some twists and turns, turned a bit ugly. I found myself getting caught in a downward spiral of feeling overwhelmed by the things coming at me.

I'm sharing this with you because, what I stand for as a Calm Mama™ Coach isn't about being calm, cool and collected all the time. It's unrealistic and not something I expect of anyone, including myself. What it's really about is, learning how to get back to your centre when your head is about to explode, when you're about to lose it with your kids/partner or maybe, when work stress is consuming all your energy.

It's about how to get back to trusting yourself, listening to your inner voice and accessing your core belief that all is going to be okay and getting to that, "I've got this!" vibe, that we all ultimately want.

The struggle of modern motherhood is REAL and I go through it with you too. The reality is that most moms are right there with you. Sometimes it can feel like you're alone in this with thoughts like...how am I going to do this?...I can't handle it...am I doing enough?...I just need a break!" Sometimes you might feel alone because all the other moms out there seem to be doing just fine. Despite the fact a little human is clinging to you most of the time, you still feel alone in the daily unexpected mishaps or endless endeavours to be the perfect mom.

The thing I realized about motherhood, is that it thrives on connections. Connection with a supportive community. Connection with family and friends. Connection with our children and partner. And especially, connection with ourselves. The disconnect that many mothers feel is why so many are silently suffering alone. It can be scary to reach out or unclear who to even reach out to. But, if for a moment, you can push aside the fear and doubt, take a moment to breathe and connect with yourself. The answers are all there. And if you need help finding those answers within yourself, it's okay.

This truly comes from my heart at a time when I'm grateful to be finding my way back to my centre after a stressful week. I've learned how to do this by digging deep and reconnecting to myself when I felt lost in the chaos of having two little ones. It's now what I teach to the amazing women I coach in the Calm Mama Method™. If you need help calming the stress in your life, I'm here for you. Reach out and let's connect. Book a chat with me and let's talk things through together.

If you're moved to do so, please share this post so other moms can feel supported too. We're in this together 💛.

With love + gratitude in all the beauty & chaos of motherhood,


Founder of Calm Mama™, Coach and Mentor to busy moms who want to calm stress and create harmony in their life. As a self-care advocate and wellness leader, Sindy teaches mothers how to take care of themselves in a meaningful and impactful way so they can be inspired to thrive in all the beauty and chaos of motherhood, and beyond. To work with Sindy, book a call to get started.