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How Busy Moms Can De-Stress Their To-Do Lists

Do you ever make plans for a super productive day, only to have unexpected stuff come up and totally mess it all up? If you're like me, those days leave me feeling frustrated, unproductive and overwhelmed. The whole day I feel like I'm not doing enough because I couldn't get around to ticking off all those items on my list. Then, there's the worry of when will I find time? Or, the anxiety of what if I never have time!?

This is precisely why I let go of elaborate to-do lists. Instead, I swear by simple, strategic and satisfying plans. Simple in nature to keep me sane. Strategic to ensure the "must-do's" take priority. Satisfying because I make sure plans are super realistic - this way, I feel content at the end of the day, rather than disappointed.

If you want help de-stressing your plans for the day, try following these 3 tips when deciding what makes it on your to-do list ;)

1. Align With Your Goals

It's easy to think of a million things that need to get done. But, that can just add to the chaos. One way to calm the chaos is to set a clear and focused intention for the day and choose tasks that are aligned with this intention. For example, if prepping for an upcoming workshop I'm leading is my intention for the day, sorting the kids' closets isn't going to help me with my greatest goal...even though it's something that's been on my mind to do. Just not today.

2. Do From a Place of Love

The truth is, certain things just need to get done. Feeding kids, getting them to school and putting them down for bed are a few examples. A Calm Mama™ strategy that helps me ease the stress, is shifting how I feel when I'm doing these things. Instead of feeling annoyed that I have to do deal with the organized chaos every morning and evening, I set my mind to being thankful that I get to love my kids this way. It shifts the feeling from bothered to blessed. The beautiful part of making this shift is that you'll notice feeling less drained and more content at the end of the day.

3. Mommy Me-Time

This is essential, but most often missed by busy moms. It doesn't have to be the first or last thing I do, but somewhere in the day, I will do something that lifts my spirits, lights me up and warms my soul. Just like our phones need to be recharged, so do we. It's funny how we NEED to find a charger when the battery life on our phones is under 10%, but when we're running on empty, we convince ourselves we can keep going. We can't bulldoze through the day and forget to recharge. The consequence is feeling totally depleted, which is something I call "momming on empty" (I'll share more about this in a future post!) and this eventually leads to burnout and adrenal fatigue. So, even if it's a 10-minute nap, a 5-minute walk or a 1-minute meditation, do something that you know lifts your mood and helps you recharge.

I hope my tips help bring more ease to your day and if you feel like you need clarity and direction on how to start calming stress in your life, please reach out. I'd love to hear from you.


Founder of Calm Mama™, Coach and Mentor to busy moms who want to calm stress and create harmony in their life. As a self-care strategist and wellness leader, Sindy teaches mothers how to take care of themselves in a meaningful and impactful way so they can thrive in all the beauty and chaos of motherhood, and beyond. To connect with Sindy or to learn more, click here.