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With PEACE + LOVE...

Can you believe Christmas is only a couple days away!? I'm always amazed at how time zips by and before I get fully swept into all the holiday adventures, I wanted to share this special note with you. I recently ran a 5-Day Stress Release Challenge for a group of women in my Calm Mama™ Facebook group. Following the challenge, I had the pleasure of connecting with really amazing mamas...sharing about our full days of ups and downs and the desire to be happy and well, not only for our families, but more importantly for ourselves. So, I wanted to share something with you in the hopes that it will bring renewed energy and light to the year ahead.

This is the time of year I get asked to help with resolutions and health goals, which I love chatting about and helping you through. But, what I find to be the most meaningful and impactful is doing this... Mind Your Message. I use this technique with the women I work with and I'd love to share it with you. Mind Your Message is a simple technique I teach to stay aligned and mindful with your message (or theme) you want for yourself. A feeling you want in all the little and big things you do. It helps you stay connected to your core message you want to feel, be and share the most. A few examples from my clients this past year have been, To Create Courageously, Be Present and Year to Be Me. I want to share my theme for 2019 with you today. It scares me and makes me super excited at the same time...so, I know it's right ;) 2019 will be my year to DREAM BIGGER. Yup! 2018 was the year I Dared to Dream and indeed I did. I traveled to some of the most stunning and magical places, expanded the way I serve and help mamas globally and restored more harmony in my home. I stretched my limits to tippy-toe outside my comfort zone to make these dreams come true. For 2019, I feel inspired to turn my tippy-toes into a BRAVE leap! Do you have a message or theme that motivates and inspires you for 2019? I'd love to hear it and send you all the encouraging vibes I can! If you'd love some help getting clear on your message and intention for 2019, send me a message! I'd love to help :) With a full heart of gratitude, I wish you you PEACE + LOVE this holiday and a New Year that honours your deepest desires.


Founder of Calm Mama™, coach, speaker and wellness expert inspiring busy moms who want to calm stress and create harmony in their life. Sindy teaches mothers how to take care of themselves in a meaningful and impactful way, so they can thrive in all the beauty and chaos of motherhood, and beyond. To connect with Sindy or to learn more, click here.