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The Help You Need

I'm here to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be, while honouring your journey between.

We all hold the key to our own healing, but sometimes the body needs help. For over 12 years, I have dedicated my work to teaching women how to take care of their whole-self, so their innate healing power can do what its designed to do. 


It all comes down to learning to listen to your body, and making choices that nurture your needs and align with how you want to feel. 

Working together will give you renewed and inspired energy to prioritize yourself and unlock your healing potential.


Virtual Visits (for Ontario residents only)

For when you need help figuring out what you need to feel your best, I'm your doc. We will meet virtually, have a real conversation about your health and together, put the things in place to build a foundation worthy of your pursuit for better health and well-being. My approach centres around the mind-body connection, optimizing your physical and mental well-being, with your emotional health at the heart of it all.

A fresh start is a mindset. So, the right time to start is whenever you say yes. If your health is on your mind and how I can help speaks to you, reach out and let's do this together.



Step-by-step support for the modern woman who is ready to get back to herself with new found self-compassion, courage and grace.


My aim as your coach is to teach, guide and cheer you on as you take meaningful steps to move through changes and hard times with more ease and resilience.  I teach you how to nurture your well-being and how to restore your inner peace as you learn to navigate changes and expansion within yourself. My signature style guides you with a calm and mindful approach, focusing on your mindset, inner-dialogue, emotional wellness and helping you cultivate a lifestyle that will support you along the way. 


You're not alone if you feel like you're going through some degree of an identity crisis. But, the problem is that this critical moment of your self-discovery journey can feel incredibly lonely. This can cause feelings of guilt and shame for thinking that you haven't figured yourself out yet. With me as your coach, you'll learn real tangible ways to live a calmer, more joyful life, freely feeling your emotions (even the unexpected emotions), and finding your way back home to yourself...where you will find renewed joy, inner peace, purpose and vibrancy.


Coaching spots opening this Fall! 

need a break?

Imagine time away for yourself devoted to self-care and self-discovery that will rejuvenate your soul. Sound like what you need? I've got you.

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