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embrace. embody. expand.
Tulum, Mexico | May 14-19, 2022

How does a soul-nourishing and luxuriating getaway in paradise devoted to taking care of YOU sound?


Come away with me...

Join me for a dream-worthy experience in the beauty and wonder of Tulum, Mexico. Spend 6 days and 5 nights in a gorgeous, private retreat villa that will be our sanctuary for wellness, healing and connection.
Slow down, reconnect to your innermost self, and be immersed in a healing journey inward to relieve burnout and reignite your inner spark and joy for life.

Paradise isn’t only a destination, it’s a state of mind, a feeling. Let The Soul Retreat take you there. 


This is for you...

If you're mentally and emotionally worn down from the last couple years and you're dreaming of time away for yourself. You're doing your best to show up and keep going, even when you have nothing left to give. You remember a time when you felt happier, calmer, more alive and free. A feeling you deeply miss.

You dream of having time to rest, breathe and connect to your hopes, desires and dreams again. You feel a deep calling for change in your life. But, you find yourself stuck in the overwhelm and the guilt for wanting more for yourself.

This retreat was created for the modern woman who gives with her whole heart and is ready to do something wildly nurturing for herself. She knows it's time to shine a light inward to create meaningful change. She knows it's her time to let go of patterns that keep her stuck and step into a new way that honours her worth and vision forward.

If this speaks to your soul, I'm here to say...
dreams do come true.

Are you ready to...

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Relax into your feminine energy and restore inner calm through healing rituals for your mind, body and soul.
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Learn how to let go of thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck and form new ones to flourish forward.
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Receive the support and guidance you've been needing to help you find yourself again with joy, love & grace.

It's time to put on your crown and return home to yourself. 

Welcome to The Soul Retreat.

Well Queen,

Magic is here

The Retreat Experience

Mindset Makeover in Paradise

Receive next-level personal coaching with Sindy, retreat and emotional wellness leader, to help you reframe negative thoughts, rewrite your inner dialogue and move past old patterns and fears that keep you stuck. Step into your radiance and start living a life that's aligned with your purpose and worth.

Wellness Through Connection

Meaningful workshops with women like you, who desire to go inward to grow. Be heard and be seen in a safe space of genuine connection. Let Sindy's calm and purposeful way, facilitate your journey in letting go of trying to get things "right" and finding freedom being right within yourself.

Pamper Your Soul

Let your stress melt away through an intuitive bodywork session with our special guest massage therapist. Her healing way will release emotional stress held within your body for the ultimate relaxation experience. This restorative treat will get you out of your head and back into your body in the most restful way.

A Dream-Worthy Itinerary

Enter a sanctuary of holistic wellness, self-discovery and connection. Recover from decision-fatigue and trust the plans laid before you, as each day has been thoughtfully designed with your pleasure and well-being in mind. This gorgeous, magical and healing adventure in Tulum is what dreams are made of.


"As a naturopathic doctor and emotional wellness leader, my mission is to inspire modern women to escape burnout and embrace self-care so they can thrive with joy, courage and grace." - Sindy Shin, retreat leader

Come as you are. Find freedom in filling your cup and letting yourself indulge, unapologetically. 


What to look forward to...

  • 5 nights, 6 days of gorgeous and luxurious accommodations in our retreat villa with your own private room + ensuite (let us know if you want a private pool too!)

  • Mouthwatering, fresh and delicious meals enjoyed together, prepared by our private chef 

  • Guided meditation, yoga and freedom to rest

  • Unforgettable adventures including beach, sea, cenote, music and more (this is only a taste of what's in store!)

  • Feeling your tension, stress and worry drift away during an unforgettable bodywork session

  • Getting the support you've been looking for, from a coach who speaks to your soul and will be the calm and purposeful voice reminding you of the worth, beauty and radiance within all of us

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Capture the feeling

We all need a little Tulum in our lives right now!

Imagine this...

Transforming your mindset and inner dialogue to align with your divine beauty, and worth, giving you the courage to follow that dream.

Freely diving into the healing magic of
sisterhood and creating friendships to last a lifetime.

Immersing yourself in the art and practice of  self-care and mindfulness, and learning tangible ways to integrate what you've learned once you're back home.

Basking in the warmth and frequency of bliss
 in Tulum.

Hey there, so nice to have you here.

"When we slow down to listen and feel what our heart is calling for, radical self-healing and rejuvenation can take place." - Sindy Shin, retreat leader

I'm Sindy, a naturopathic doctor, emotional wellness leader, self-care coach and mom of 3. For the past 13 years, my work has been dedicated to helping women embrace the healing art and practice of self-care. When women are mentally and emotionally drained from doing it all, life can feel overwhelming and hard to bear. By teaching them how to recognize, listen and nurture their needs, women begin to embody the calm resilience and radiance they desire. 

The greatest change and growth I've witnessed in all my years working with women, has been when women gather together. The intimacy, honesty and cherished connections create magic. The kind of magic that reflects back to us, our divine wisdom, beauty and worth. 


This magic is why I created The Soul Retreat, a soul-igniting and rejuvenating experience shared by like-minded women who desire to journey inward - to embrace their truth, embody their beauty and worth, and expand joy, love and radiance from within.

With love,


Are you getting butterflies? 

If time in paradise to calm your mind, nourish your body and reignite your soul is feeling like a yes inside, click the button below to save your spot. Spots are limited! So, even if you're feeling a nudge towards yes...follow the feeling and let's see what's possible.

Come as you are.
Enter a stunning sanctuary devoted to nurturing your mind, body and soul. Enjoy peaceful mornings. Let yourself be taken care of with nourishing meals as you take your time to savour each bite. Release tension in your body with meditation, yoga and bodywork. Have heartfelt, meaningful and real conversations. Be heard. Be seen. Rest, laugh, cry, play and dance. Find joy, healing and comfort as we gather together. Let your spirit be lifted, your soul be rejuvenated and your spark for life be ignited. Experience new things. Embrace self-care. Embody your divine beauty and worth. Expand your joy, love and radiance from within.

have questions?

If you have questions or curious if this retreat is right for you, let's have coffee together...virtually, and chat! Click the button below and I'll be in touch soon.